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Published on 29th May 2020

Hamlet Essay: How to Make Shakespeare Be Proud of Your Writing

Hamlet is the masterpiece which has been amazing and inspiring people for four centuries. This wonderful work of literature deserves a wonderful Hamlet essay. This article describes the steps of writing your Hamlet essay successfully.

What to Write About

In your Hamlet essay, you can choose one of the numerous possible dimensions. You can focus on one of the following elements:

  • idea
  • plot
  • setting
  • literary devices
  • Hamlet
  • other characters

Besides, you can be creative: for instance, try to imagine Hamlet living today and describe your ideas in your Hamlet essay.

How to Get Inspired

To write a bright Hamlet essay, you will need much inspiration. Try the following steps:

    • Learn more about Shakespeare: you can use some interesting facts in your Hamlet essay.
    • Read critique about Hamlet: you will expand your understanding of this work.
    • Find the illustrations to Hamlet: this work will become lively for you.
    • See the episodes of Hamlet on-stage: you will notice how the director interprets Shakespeare’s work.

      How to Use Quotations

      Using quotations is an essential element of writing a Hamlet essay: indeed, it is difficult to imagine a Hamlet essay which does not allude to the original. Here are some hints on using quotations in your Hamlet essay:

        • Do not use too many quotations: firstly, you should demonstrate your own thoughts; secondly, the Hamlet essay will look overloaded.
        • Use quotations where it is appropriate. Ask yourself: if I delete this quotation, will the content suffer?
        • Do not forget to follow the format when providing quotations in your Hamlet essay.

        Writing about predetermined themes in literary works can be a boring task, specifically, if you cannot find such theme in the work. In that regard, writing Hamlet revenge essays is less confusing as the theme of revenge is one of the main themes in Shakespeare’s Hamlet, in addition to betrayal, guilt, mystery and others.

        Nevertheless, Hamlet revenge essays are assignments in which the main task is to analyze revenge as a single element influencing the actions and the motives of the characters in the play.

        Quick Hints

        When writing a Hamlet revenge essay, the following points might be helpful:

        • Identify several revenge lines in the work. Do not focus on one plot aspect.
        • Hamlet revenge essays are about Hamlet as much as about revenge, and thus, focus on the revenge only in the context of the play itself, rather than as an abstract notion.
        • Do not repeat plot details. The reader is most likely familiar with Hamlet, and does not want to read a summary. Analyze, do not summarize.
        • Hamlet revenge essays are academic works, which follow the common conventions of the essay. Thus, organization, structure and clarity are essential elements.
        • Formulate a distinctive thesis for your Hamlet revenge essay, which will point out the position that you are defending, and which you will support throughout the paper.

        Revenge and Other Themes

        While the coverage of revenge in Hamlet revenge essays implies focusing on a single theme, it does not mean that such theme cannot interact with other essential elements in the work. Thus, identifying the theme in Hamlet revenge essays, it can be stated that it is the actions of vengeance driving the interaction between the characters. The actions of vengeance in Hamlet revenge essays are mostly connected to another important theme, which is betrayal, and thus, it should be briefly covered as well.